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Christmas Food Festival


Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December
10:00am - 3:00pm Saturday | 10:00am - 2:00pm Sunday

Order online and get 5% discount off your whole order.
10% discount when ordering your bronze free range turkey at the food festival.

You are invited to join us for our Christmas Food Festival at Osney Mead on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 2016.

With a fairground ride for children, bouncy castle and lots of delicious festive food on offer, it's good fun for the whole family, not to mention a perfect opportunity to sample and order everything you need for your Christmas lunch. Come and join us for:

  • Turkey Roast
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Mulled Wine and Mince Pies
  • A selection of cheeses and much more...

All order placed will be entered into a raffle to WIN your Christmas Turkey FREE.
A deposit of £20.00 is required for orders placed on the day.

A World Record for Matthew!


Our very own Managing Director, Matthew Alden, started off the summer in style, as he completed a round-the-clock tennis marathon which saw him smash a world record!

The epic 22 hour battle saw Matthew complete 27 real tennis matches (smashing the former record of 26), all in aid of raising money for Many Hopes charity, founded by his late childhood friend.

"I loved every minute of it which made it easier and I'm now a world record holder, which is bizarre. But I don't see it as that because it was a team effort.It's a world record for us all. It has not quite sunk in yet. I feel proud, it's a great personal achievement."

"It was not just a physical challenge, it was more of a mental challenge."

Mr Young, a fellow pupil of The Dragon School who died in July 2014, launched his charity to provide homes and education to youngsters in Kenya who survive abuse. Matthew Alden, who will get official confirmation of his new title in about six weeks, added: "I’m not one to shy away from a challenge."

"My friend organised it all, got all my opponents together and so all I have had to do is train and show up on the day. But I thought if I’m going to try and break a world record, I should also use this as an opportunity to raise money. I knew Bradden when I was about six and we used to play sports together. I thought what better way to honour his memory than to raise money for this amazing charity which he set up."

He fought his way through 27 three-set games of real tennis, which is played with a solid ball on an enclosed court, at Merton Street's Real Tennis Court. He had a total 70-minute break during the epic tennis rally, which left him feeling "jet-lagged" at the end of his feat.

Family of friends of Mr Young were also close by, watching the world record holder thrash his way to his final tennis match. Mr Alden, who raised more than £1,300 for Many Hopes and charity KEEN, said: "When you think of the money you can raise for others, it makes it all worthwhile."

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Avian Flu Statement


The Mighty Chicken Breast


        Apart from chicken being one of the most affordable, flexible and tasty meats available to us there are many other reasons why we should be consuming more chicken. The humble chicken breast contains just 3g of fat for every 100g of chicken. To put that in context that is just over half the amount of fat found in red meat and the type of fat found in chicken is high in linoleic acid. It's a win-win.


So, what's linoleic acid, I hear you ask. Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated (this is good!) omega-6 fatty acid. If that sounds too sciency for your taste buds, know that these mighty unprocessed omega-6 fatty acids are essential to our wellbeing and that our body is unable to produce them for itself, it relies on our consumption of these essential fatty acids to be healthy. One of the biggest roles omega-6 plays in our bodies is the regulation of inflammation.

Moving on from omega-6, chicken also contains high levels of B6. B6 is needed for good stomach function, neural function or rather keeps those nerves and your brain firing at optimum and it also plays a big role in female fertility. Chicken also has good levels of Vitamin E, a super antioxidant, B12, minerals, such as Selenium and, of course, chicken is low in saturated fats and is a great source of protein. It has long been the meat of choice for health conscious individuals and those who want to lose a few pounds.

We don't need to rely on hearing about or spending half the grocery budget on the latest super berry or super nut whether that be some sort of strange algae or a bag of goji berries. Skinless chicken breast is versatile, easy to cook and compliments a range of vegetables and side dishes. And it tastes great. It's a true super food.

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National Burger Day


For National Burger Day we thought we'd refresh our memories on this humble but tasty meal's origin and history with some juicy burger facts:

  • The burger is considered to have been invented by Louis Lassen in 1900, although there are many who challenge his ownership of that fact. The story goes that as Lassen was selling his steak sandwiches from his stall, he ran out of steaks and put together a patty made of leftover beef trimmings and thus invented the first 'hamburger'.
  • 60% of countries globally have voted the burger as their favourite food according to a poll run by Oxfam.
  • According to Guinness World Records 2014, the most expensive burger is 'Le Burger Extravagant', available in expensive NY restaurants at a whopping $295. The patty is made of Waygu beef and topped with a quail's egg.
  • Burgers account for just under half of all sandwiches sold globally.
  • Records suggest that the first burgers (in 1900) were sold on white bread.
  • The 'bun' was introduced by the 1920s.
  • The Guinness World Record for the most burgers eaten in 3 minutes is held by Takeru Kobyashi, who managed to consume 10 in the allotted time in August 2010.
  • Historically, onions were the topping of choice for the burger.
  • The world record for the largest burger was achieved in Minnesota, USA in September 2012 and weighed a stomach-swelling 913.54kg.

6 oz. Burgers are currently selling 12 for £10 at MeatMaster.

Visit us and treat your taste buds.

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